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  1. QGIS is Open Source Software and provides a great platform for third parties to distribute additional functionality to users through our plugin system. QGIS is licensed under the GPL version 2 or greater. This license is provided with every copy of the QGIS and in the source code and is available on our web site here
  2. QGIS LATAM - 23 al 27 de Noviembre de 2020 Primera reunión Latinoamericana de usuarios de QGIS (Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, México, Perú) #QGISLATAM2020 November 24th 2020, 12th User Meeting - QGIS Switzerlan
  3. License: GNU GPLv2: Website: qgis.org /en /site / QGIS (until 2013 known as Quantum GIS) is a free and open-source cross-platform desktop geographic information system (GIS) application that supports viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data. Contents
  4. In addition, as a special exception, the QGIS Development Team gives permission to link the code of this program with the Qt library, including but not limited to the following versions (both free and commercial): Qt/Non-commercial Windows, Qt/Windows, Qt/X11, Qt/Mac, and Qt/Embedded (or with modified versions of Qt that use the same license as.
  5. by Tim Sutton at 7:19 AM under license, qgis. Actually it is not illegal to sell Free Software, but it can be bad form. We (the QGIS PSC) had a nice message from a QGIS user today: I'm a GIS user located in the U.S. and I recently received an email offering several FREE GIS softwares for the low price of $785. I'm not sure how I got on the.
  6. QGIS Enterprise Complete GIS-Suite. Build your spatial data infrastructure with the user friendly and extensible QGIS Desktop, QGIS Server and QGIS Web Client 2. Support from core developers. Choose your personal LTS support- and maintenance contract. No license costs. Unlimited number of installations due to open source license
  7. The answer is No. Qgis is released under the permissive GPL license, which gives you many rights, including but not limited to . the freedom to use the software for any purpose, the freedom to change the software to suit your needs, the freedom to share the software with your friends and neighbors, and the freedom to share the changes you make

GPL does not stick to the produced works, it affects development of software that is utilizing QGIS code. - user30184 Jun 9 at 13:15 2 @user30184 unfortunately it is not that simple License. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version QGIS' license is the GPL. It is not free of any license. Instead, it comes with a license that grants you the four freedoms: 0. The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose. 1. The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish. Access to the source code is a precondition for this

QGIS Enterprise Komplette GIS-Suite. Bauen Sie Ihre Geodateninfrastruktur mit dem benutzerfreundlichen und erweiterbaren QGIS Desktop, QGIS Server und QGIS Web Client 2. Support von den Kernentwicklern. Wählen Sie Ihren passenden Long Term Support- und Wartungsvertrag. Keine Lizenzkosten. Unbegrenzte Anzahl Installation dank Open Source Lizenz GNU Free Documentation License QGIS Documentation v: 3.16 Languages en Versions testing latest 3.16 3.10 3.4 2.18 2.14 2.8 2.6 2.2 2.0 1.8 Downloads PDF HTML Contribute to Docs Edit on GitHub Report Issue On QGIS Project Home C++ AP QGIS is Quality Open Source. QGIS is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Developing QGIS under this license means that you can inspect and modify the source code, and guarantees that you, our happy user, will always have access to a GIS program that is free of cost and can be freely modified qgis QGIS is a free, open source, cross platform (lin/win/mac) geographical information system (GIS) C++ GPL-2.0 1,903 4,118 3,286 69 Updated Nov 30, 202 Historie. Vývoj, který započal roku 2002 Gary Sherman, zajišťuje skupina dobrovolníků, verze s označením 1.0 vyšla 5. ledna 2009, verze 2.0 pak 8. září 2013.V březnu 2008 byl QGIS zařazen mezi projekty Open Source Geospatial Foundation.. Charakteristika. QGIS je psán v jazyku C++, grafické uživatelské rozhraní je postaveno na knihovně Qt

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QGIS is great free GIS software with core plugins and features that offer common GIS functionalities. The software gives you the freedom to view and overlay raster and vector data in multiple formats and projections without converting them into common or internal files QGIS is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows. QGIS supports vector, raster, and database formats. QGIS is licensed under the GNU General Public License. QGIS lets you browse and create map data on your computer We (the QGIS PSC) had a nice message from a QGIS user today: I'm a GIS user located in the U.S. and I recently received an email offering several FREE GIS softwares for the low price of $785. I'm not sure how I got on the email list, but it really made me angry that someone.. 2. Greater speed and performance: QGIS is very fast compared to other software such as ArcGIS. It uses a small amount of time to carry out task this is because of the intern structure. 3. QGIS has multiple languages: QGIS is user-friendly the latest versions come in English and different other languages such as Italian, Spanish or French; all this is possible because of their effective. QGIS 3.14 Pi, the new version of the best known and most demanded Open Source GIS software, QGIS. A new regular LR release of this technology has taken place on June 19, 2020. The new version of QGIS 3.14 has already been released, we invite you to try it. Download QGIS 3.1

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QGIS (formerly also known as Quantum GIS) is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows. QGIS supports vector, raster, and database formats. QGIS is licensed under the GNU General Public License. QGIS lets you browse and create map data on your computer QGIS, formerly Quantum GIS, is a user friendly open source Geographic Information System (GIS) licensed under the GNU General Public License that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows and supports numerous vector, raster, and database formats and functionalities QGIS is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) licensed under the GNU General Public License. QGIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) #relocator With this plugin you can collect all the local files of your current qgis project (must be saved prior) into a consolidated directory and also creates and adjusted copy of your qgs project file with adjusted pathes in this directory. Furthermoe you can choose to create a zip-file with the whole project as well

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North Road's SLYR tool offers is the complete ArcMap to QGIS compatibility suite.Features include: Support for automatically converting MXD, MXT and PMF documents to QGIS projects, including: . Support for converting vector and raster layers, with a very accurate match to the original ArcMap appearance; Support for converting layer joins and relation OSGeo4W is an installer for a broad set of open source geospatial software packages including GRASS GIS as well as many other packages (QGIS, GDAL/OGR, and more). Download OSGeo4W 64bit; Download OSGeo4W 32bit; Run the downloaded installer as an administrator and select the grass (stable) or grass-daily (development) packages to install QGIS(キュージーアイエス、旧称:Quantum GIS)は、地理情報システムの閲覧、編集、分析機能を有するクロスプラットフォームのオープンソース ソフトウェア・GISソフトである。. 無料でありながら、有料・高額なGISソフト(代表的なものはArcGIS)に近い機能・操作性を備えており、機能の追加も.

27.1. Appendix A: GNU General Public License — QGIS ..

  1. Pros: QGIS is a free software, with exceptional customization as well as some amazing built-in features.Compared to most other GIS platforms including paid ones, QGIS offers a hassle free user experience since we can handle/ manage all our files within a single interface such as creating-converting-managing all data layers very easily
  2. QGIS is a professional GIS application and developer platform. QGIS is built on top of and proud to be itself Free and Open Source Software. QGIS Desktop: Powerful desktop GIS software to create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information. QGIS Server & Web Client: Publish your QGIS projects and layers as OGC compatible WMS and WFS services
  3. Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a Geographic Information System (GIS) built for GNU/Linux. QGIS supports vector, raster, and database formats. IRC Help channel software or copyright-licenses or other similar notices described in this text has its own copyright notice and license, which can usually be found in the distribution or license text itself..
  4. 3, the QGIS Browser or the QGIS DB-Manager. You have full access to all features of a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database
  5. QGIS is the most popularly used free and open source GIS software application available. Interest in using QGIS as an alternative to proprietary GIS software is growing rapidly.QGIS was first developed 17 years ago by Gary Sherma
  6. OpenCL acceleration is now available in QGIS and allows to take advantage of high speed parallel computing capabilities of modern GPUs and CPUs. For now only a few common QGIS core raster processing algorithms have been ported but the framework is in place and opens the doors for more OpenCL-Accelerated algorithms
  7. In a new QGIS 3 project it is necessary to load the DEM, now go to the Processing Toolbox panel and run the hydrology tools in the following sequence:. r.fill.dir; r.watershed; r.water.outlet; r.to.vect; r.stream.extract; To remove imperfections and correct the DEM, the r.fill.dir tool is used. In the Elevation field, use the DEM of the basin to be delimited as the input raster layer

Since QGIS is FOSS (free and open source software), there are no licensing concerns. QGIS can be loaded on any computer. ArcGIS is restricted through a seat license. Single install versions of ArcGIS are regulated through a licensing key. Development Process. QGIS is developed has a paid core of developers but also depends in part on volunteers Functionality. QGIS functions as geographic information system (GIS) software, allowing users to analyze and edit spatial information, in addition to composing and exporting graphical maps. QGIS supports both raster and vector layers; vector data is stored as either point, line, or polygon features. Multiple formats of raster images are supported, and the software can georeference images License. All course materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.You are free to use the material for any non-commercial purpose. Kindly give appropriate credit to the original author Hashes for qgis-plugins-..1.tar.gz; Algorithm Hash digest; SHA256: 797479f9df858f37530b15cf4b2e3dc52b016885f441b1915dfd427bf43ff3f9: Copy MD QGISとは . QGISは、無償で利用できるオープンソース(GNU General Public Licenseで提供)の地理情報システム(GIS)です。 QGIS は、Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) のオフィシャルプロジェクトで、Windows、Mac、Linux、Unix、Androidなど様々な環境で動作します

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QGIS is unique among the major desktop GIS software applications in that it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. For this reason, it is important to select the QGIS version appropriate for your operating system on the Download page. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.. Download QGIS for your platform. Binary packages (installers) are available from this page. The current version is QGIS 3.16.1 'Hannover' and was released on 20.11.2020. The long-term repositories currently offer QGIS 3.10.12 'A Coruña'. QGIS is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android layout:true <p class=footer> <span xmlns:dct=http://purl.org/dc/terms/ property=dct:title>Intermediate GIS with QGIS and PostGIS</span> by <a xmlns:cc=http. Docker images for QGIS Server. A new branch will be created in your fork and a new merge request will be started The QGIS OpenStreetMap Plugin is a plugin for the desktop GIS application QGIS.It adds support for OpenStreetMap raw vector data, bringing it in as a layer either from .osm XML file or by direct download from the OpenStreetMap API.It also permits editing and upload back the OSM server

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  1. g environment, which we can use to build our own geospatial applications using Python
  2. Using QGIS - Converting Raster to Polygons and Adding a new Area Column - Duration: 4:56. Andres Oswaldo Calderon Romero 24,734 view
  3. Using QGIS (v. 3.0) Author: Michael L. Treglia mtreglia@gmail.com 13 May 2018 License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please see the following website for complete license details or contact Michael Treglia at mtreglia@gmail.com wit
  4. QGIS is a Imaging and Digital Photo application like Grapher, Comsol, and Makeup from Gary Sherman. It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download. QGIS is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users
  5. QGeoloGIS : QGIS well log and timeseries visualisation plugi

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Souhrná zpráva (rozsah cca 5 stránek A4) ve formátu PDF anebo alternativní forma (např. dokumentace ke QGIS pluginu ve formě HTML stránek) Oba dokumenty musí být uvolněny pod otevřenou licencí, např. GNU Free Documentation License nebo Creative Commons a budou dostupné ze stránek GeoWikiC conda install linux-64 v3.16.1; win-64 v3.14.16; osx-64 v3.16.1; To install this package with conda run one of the following: conda install -c conda-forge qgis conda. GLYPHICONS FREE were used and are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0) Bootstrap was used and is released under MIT License jQuery CookieBar Plugin was used and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0 If you hoping to load QGIS on a Linux computer, follow the instructions on the Download page to download and install the software on you computer using the software installation method specific to your Linux distribution. 3. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.. Download the last version from here : Download Free QGIS 3.01.15 v 2018 QGIS is a Free and Open Source Geographic Information System. with this software you can create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD (Android coming soon

i. qgisを導入しよう このnoteでは、gisの導入と利用方法のさわりを紹介します。gisソフトは商用のもの、フリーのもの含め色々ありますが、ここではqgisを選択します。 qgisは、だれでも自由に利用できるフリーソフトです(※1)。フリーソフトでありながら地理空間情報の作成、編集、表示. If you don t have a PSMA license but wish to evaluate those extra maps not covered by OpenData, Discover Data allows you to download samples. Getting Started¶ Look here for: A beginner's explanation of GIS. Instructions on how to install QGIS; Basic setup of QGIS for working with Ordnance Survey maps. How to create your first project Compatibility between QGIS and OTB versions¶ There are compatibility issues between the different versions of OTB and QGIS. Any version of OTB compiled with GDAL 3.X is not compatible with QGIS 3.12 or below. This is the case for the binary packages of OTB 7.1 and above. In this case QGIS 3.14 or more should be used QGIS es un Sistema de Información Geográfica (SIG) de Código Abierto licenciado bajo GNU - General Public License. QGIS es un proyecto oficial de la Open Source Geospatial Foundation ( OSGeo )

Open QGIS and save your untitled new map as QGIS01.qgs in your working directory. *This tutorial is developed using QGIS Desktop 3. 10.9 . Go to Layer → Add Layer → Add Vector Layer to. QGIS (Quantum GIS) is a sister project to GRASS GIS. Our two projects share programmers, infrastructure, and code when we can. It features an easy to use GUI interface which may be familiar to users of other common GIS software. Whereas GRASS GIS focuses more on data processing and analysis, QGIS focuses more on cartography and map making QGIS is free, which will make it easy to use without a license and for free. QGIS is without a doubt the best of the best GIS for educational or professional use. Cite. 14th Aug, 2019 License. PostGIS is released under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2 or later). Refer to License FAQ for more information. PostGIS is developed by a group of contributors led by a Project Steering Committee. News What's happening right now. Blogs, Tweets and more Follow @postgis. PostGIS 3.0. The TravelTime QGIS plugin Try the plugin that can make isochrones & more in QGIS. GET STARTED. GET STARTED. Features. /month unlimited license. TALK TO US. £3,000 /year unlimited license. TALK TO US. See the technology behind TravelTime. EXPLORE DATA MODEL. CONTACT +44 (0) 207 096 1473 sales

Versione di QGIS: QGIS 2.18 Las Palmas (2017-18) Materiale disponibile qui (18,44 Mb, versione dicembre 2018) licenza ereditata GNU General Public License (scopri qui cosa vuol dire). Manuale ridotto e in italiano per l'utente QGIS 3.4 LTR in ambiente WINDOWS . Manuale in formato pdf QGIS 3.4 - Manuale utente in ambiente Window versions of QGIS, GRASS, GDAL and R may have been releasedsince this publication was completed. Where this is the case, feel free to use the new versions, although you may nee QGIS expression engine has a powerful function called 'summary aggregates' that allows evaluating a feature's geometry and attributes with those of another layer. Expressions can be used for static calculations as well as on-the-fly computations, such as labels, virtual fields, symbology etc. License. This course material is licensed. License. QField is released under the GNU Public License (GPL) Version 2 or above. Developing QField under this license means that you can inspect and modify the source code and guarantees that you will always have access to a QGIS based field data collection app that is free of cost and can be freely modified The QGIS standalone installer installs QGIS in C:\Program Files\QGIS 3.12 (or similar) and after installation can be run from the Start / QGIS 3.12 menu. The following dialog is displayed at the start of the installation process: Press Next> to continue. One or more license agreements may be displayed, as shown below. Press I Agree to continue.

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Quantum or QGIS is an open source alternative to the industry leader, ArcGIS from ESRI. QGIS is multiplatform, which means it runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux and it has many of the functions most commonly used by historians. ArcGIS is prohibitively expensive and only runs on Windows (though software can be purchased to allow it to run on Mac) QGIS is a user-friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) licensed under the GNU General Public License. QGIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). It runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and Android and supports numerous vector, raster, and database formats and functionalities Many QGIS users and contributors are geoscientists or geoinformatics specialists. As such, we need to act responsibly and serve as role models. Sharing our work under an open-source license is part of the approach by which we achieve that value proposition as it allows broad collaboration with our developers and users community QGIS VFK plugin for Czech cadastral data (Geoinformatics 2012) prezentace (en) Související články. VFK (Výměnný formát ISKN) OGR VFK Driver; Kontakt na autory. Plugin vznikl jako výsledek semestrálního projekt v rámci předmětu Projekt - Informatika 2 na oboru Geoinformatika, Fakultě stavební, ČVUT v Praze

QGIS je open source geografický informační systém publikovaný pod všeobecnou licencí GNU GPL.Projekt QGIS vznikl v roce 2002, verze s označením 1.0 vyšla později v roce 2009. Mezi hlavní výhody patří zejména rychlost vývoje a rozšiřování jeho funkcionality According to its license, QGIS is not only free in its price, but also to distribute it, check its source code, or even use parts of QGIS in other programs. QGIS has a large number of add-ons: The add-ons are characteristic of QGIS since its inception, these are small programs that run within QGIS and serve to do specific tasks Using the QGIS Python console (QGIS3) [QGIS2 version] Using Custom Python Expression Functions (QGIS3) [QGIS2 version] Building a Python Plugin [QGIS 2 version] This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Normally QGIS will open any raster file with GDAL, and an online file read with vsicurl should be no different, but unfortunately there is a hard coded assumption in the QGIS GUI that if you're adding a raster layer that is not WMS or WCS then of course it must be a file No Print dialog or Page Setup dialog in macOS | #30791 | cannot reproduce | Splash Screen Persists While 'Handle Bad Layers' Dialog is Open | #34784 | PR #38842 | not appropriate qgis terms of license pop up bug | #38588 | cannot reproduce | Cannot load pictures anymore in custom forms | #30833 | already fixed by Mac Packager Issue #3 | not.

Project: qgis-earthengine-plugin Author: gee-community File: Map.py License: MIT License 5 votes def getBounds(asGeoJSON=False): Returns the bounds of the current map view, as a list in the format [west, south, east, north] in degrees Using the license rules for distribution of the QGIS platform in force, our Geospatial Network Inventory software is offered in a completely free version, as well as a commercial solution. This allows you to become familiar with its environment and successfully use the system with planning functionalities provided in the free version (GNI FREE) Proficiency with QGIS software is mandatory. Evaluation Criteria: The following criteria will be considered while evaluating the submitted project. Quality and quantity of the data collected. Accuracy of the data analysis. Quality of the maps generated using QGIS. Contact Information: For queries mail us at : contact-qgis(at)fossee(dot)i This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.: You are free: to share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix - to adapt the work; Under the following conditions: attribution - You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way.

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Please use the link given below to post your queries regarding QGIS. https://forums.spoken-tutorial.org subject to license. The DXF format is a data export format for Autocad software. It is public and not subject to license. If you have at your disposal DXF files none of the problems raised in this article applies. DWG version. The first concern arises from the fact that several versions of the DWG format exist. The GDAL library used by QGis, is.

Support to complex INSPIRE GML would only be available in QGIS 3. GMLAS driver shall be installed to support INSPIRE GML. Provided by version 2.2 only (relased on 09 May 2017 ArcGIS User Seminar - Introduction to Analyzing Large Raster and Vector Data (Impervious Surface Ex) - Duration: 12:23. ArcGIS 1,704 view The following are 30 code examples for showing how to use qgis.core.QgsVectorLayer().These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example

OpenLayers makes it easy to put a dynamic map in any web page. It can display map tiles, vector data and markers loaded from any source. OpenLayers has been developed to further the use of geographic information of all kinds. It is completely free, Open Source JavaScript, released under the 2-clause BSD License (also known as the FreeBSD) QGIS is a open-source geographic information system (GIS) for viewing, manipulating, and gathering spatial data and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Essential features of the application are the broad support of common vector data and raster data, e.g., shapefiles and GeoTIFFs Except where otherwise noted, work provided on Autodesk Knowledge Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please see the Autodesk Creative Commons FAQ for more information This work is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.This work is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE

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UPDATE: dodáno video s přehledem změn (viz níže). Oblíbeny open-source QGIS vychází v nové verzi a to QGIS 3.14 π (Pí). Tradiční changelog s popisem je dostupný na webu, nás však zaujala napříkla MMQGIS is a collection of QGIS vector layer operation plugins. It has options for animating maps, combining CSV files, creating buffers around selected points, exporting attributes to a CSV file, and geocoding a CSV file containing address data. This guide will only cover how you can use MMQGIS for geocoding

QGIS is a powerful and user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows. QGIS supports vector, raster, and database formats. QGIS is licensed under the GNU Public License The video recordings of the QGIS-CH user meeting autumn 2020 are now available on Youtube und linked in the meeting schedule. This meeting had the focus QGIS Server, QGIS Web Clients, QGIS mobile and synchronisation solutions. We thank all presenters and participants for their participation

download qgis android, qgis android, qgis android download fre QGIS Plugin. WhiteboxTools functionality can also be accessed conveniently through the popular open-source geospatial software QGIS. QGIS developer Alexander Bruy maintains a plugin for the toolbox called Whitebox For Processing.. The Whitebox for QGIS plugin works QGIS v3 but cannot be installed on the earlier v2 series. Installation of the Plugi QGIS (previously known as Quantum GIS) is a free and open-source cross-platform, desktop geographic information system (GIS) application that supports viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https:.

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While QGIS itself is written in C++, it includes extensive support for Python programming. A Python interpreter is built in, and can be used interactively via the Python Console, or to run plugins written in Python. There is also a comprehensive API for querying and controlling the QGIS application using Python code Hashes for qgis-plutil-.1.1.tar.gz; Algorithm Hash digest; SHA256: d6fe37be52a9ef208b6f3f3f1beb520d2144486ff4585f2333884caa5b881750: Copy MD QGIS-käyttöohjeen suomentaminen Yleistä. Tarkoituksena on kääntää - ainakin osittain - QGIS User Guide.Kääntämisestä kiinnostuneet ottakoot yhteyttä Antti Castréniin.. Kukin kääntäjä saa kerralla vastuulleen yhden pienen tai hieman isomman sisällysluettelon mukaisen kokonaisuuden

Qgis qgs Icon. Artist: Papirus Development Team Iconset: Papirus Mimetypes Icons (101 icons) License: GNU General Public License v3.0 Commercial usage: Allowed Readme file: readme.txt. Download SVG Download PNG ICO ICNS Download other sizes of this icon: PNG File: 128x128 pixel. PNG File: 96x96 pixel

File:Colorado State Highway 103 MapFile:I-96 MI mapFile:UFile:Massachusetts Route 126 MapFile:I-75 MI map
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